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Assigned Credit Solutions is proud to say that we have an outstanding relationship with our clients.   


Our experienced and dedicated staff is able to handle all  types of collections.  Our leadership team possesses years of vast business and debt collection knowledge.  

"ACS is definitely ahead of the curve. They are constantly looking for new and better ways to combine cutting edge technology with a great staff. Ive been very impressed in all my interactions with them."

-- Jeff Savage
TCN Broadcasting

"It is rare to find a collection agency that can collect well, respond to your administrative needs on a timely basis, and be a pleasure to work with. ACS is one of those rare finds."

-- Gila Brock
Novea Resource Management, LLC, Owner

"Assigned Credit Solutions is an important member of our team; professional and a pleasure to work with.  We highly recommend them. "

-- Mark R Levitzke
OCMAC, LLC, MLM Enterprises, LLC, Vice President

"Since our relationship with ACS began, we have seen 3 significant trends: Improved performance on our back-end numbers, improved communication over what we were used to receiving from our prior agency, and a drastic reduction in the number of agency-related customer complaint calls.  ACS has delivered on its promise to be a high-performer, while at the same time leaving our past-due customers with the feeling that they have been treated politely and fairly during what can be a difficult experience for everyone involved."

-- Joe Papagno
AmeriGas - Credit and Collections Manager

"I would truly like to thank ACS for choosing the appropriate type of people to do this type of business.  I have had a hard time with bill collectors in the past, but by receiving a call from Steve Gambrel my thoughts have been changed from, "ALL collection agency's are rude, and don't care about the individual", to believing that there is hope out there for people with financial issues to be treated with respect. I was so impressed with this gentleman that I actually had to call his supervisor to tell him how much appreciated being treated so well. And I Know that is something I would Never have even thought of doing with Any other company. I write this with a grateful heart. Thank you ACS, for making this experience such a pleasure. Your company is one in a million. "
Truly thankful, 
--Angela M

"I am just catching up on emails and wanted to say Thank You for how you handled the situation.  I think we both understood each other and I appreciate your approach.  While you were professional, you were also kind and understanding.  I've always believed you catch more flies with honey as the old saying goes and I hope your company appreciates you.  You are welcome to send this email as an endorsement from a client who very much appreciates your approach.  The fact that you listened first instead of coming out with a hammer at the beginning allowed us both to get to the truth and how this problem occurred. But your blend of professionalism and personal approach made it easy to resolve this matter.  Too many people talk more than listen and your style made it easy for each of us to understand both sides.


I appreciate you.  I've run HUGE companies and have hired and or trained over 1,000 people in sales, customer service and problem resolution.  If I were in the business you are in as a manager I would hire you in a heart beat.


Again I thank you for how you communicated so well and your approach made it easy to resolve the miss understanding.  Of course I'll add that my honesty helped.  But your listening skills made it easy for me to determine the facts and make things right."


Thanks so much,

--Craig H


"My experience with Assigned Credit Solutions was wonderful. Chris Bradbury was very compassionate and helped me pay off my debt at a monthly rate I could afford. His customer service was outstanding, and I am proud to say my debt has been paid in full with the help of ACS."  --Elizabeth J

Patty was awesome on trying to find a workable solution for both concerned parties. She provided me with as much information as she could get so I was able to get them from her and sort them out.
She was very patient and so helpful. Hopefully the information i provided her helps the situation and I am very grateful for her to go the extra mile.
Thanks Patty

--Debbie W

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