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​​Assigned Credit Solutions has been successful  in achieving compliance with several industry standards in order to better serve our clients.  


By adhereing to all regulatory guidelines, we show how much we care about protecting our consumers, clients and vendors.


ACS is registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to ensure fairness and excellent support for our consumers.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has been incorporated  into our business model as of  2013.   ACS has collaborated with KirkpatrickPrice, our Qualified Security Assessor, in passing our SAQ D self assessment.  


PCI DSS regulations include making sure all credit card data is secured during transactions.  This protects both our clients and consumers.


To be completed 2014!


ACS established a partnership with The HIPAA Group in 2013.  They assisted us in training our workforce on the importance of securing Protected Health Information.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act helps assign business guidelines for keep medical records and personal information safe.  Click here to view our HIPAA site and view our privacy policies.

Red Flag

The Federal Trade Commission created the Red Flag Rules for businesses  in an effort to prevent identity theft.    ACS abides by all FTC guidelines for prevention, detection, containment, and correction of identity theft incidents.


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