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Your success is our business.  At ACS, we understand the balance between strong performance and excellent customer service.  


We strive to develop long term partnerships through performance and compliance.  We believe that maintaining an awareness of expectations is critical in shaping positive business relationships.




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Assigned Credit Solutions sets itself apart from the competition treating every interaction, be it with clients, consumers, or employees, with the same high level of courtesy and commitment to a positive outcome.


ACS has an employee turn-over rate among the lowest in the industry.  We do everything we can to include our employees in the decisions that will affect them.  Despite our growth, we strive to maintain a "family" atmosphere and attitude in the workplace.


Most importantly, ACS does its best to train and educate our staff on how important the human interactions we have every day with consumers really are.  People who have gone through financial hardship need to be heard, they need to feel respected, and they need to know that we understand the way the world has changed in recent times.  We want to be known as the company that will work with the consumer to resolve her or his obligation with dignity, and while being treated with respect and courtesy.


Assigned Credit Solutions was incorporated in May 2007 with the idea that we would separate ourselves from the competition by following one very basic principle:


"We put the interest of both our clients and our employees above our own."


We are proud of our people.  We are proud of the contributions we make to the community in which we do business.  ACS has survived through hard work, honesty, and by being a trustworthy partner to the clients we represent.


ACS is a long-standing and proud supporter of the Pennsylvania SPCA.   We have been ACA members since 2007 and stay current on all laws and regulations.   We are a Gold sponsor of the National Collections & Credit Risk Conference.

Please be aware that ACS may monitor and/or record calls for compliance purposes.   Any telephone call placed within 30 days after any consumer received our first letter will not be deemed to invoke certain rights in the initial letter which require that a consumer excercise such rights in writing.

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use regarding this website.

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